There is a need to think... Think right, Think aloud, Think to help, Think about an idea, Think positive, Think to smile, Think to stop a tear, Think to save some money, Think of spending some time with family, Think to right a wrong, Think of singing a song, Think to save a life, Think beyond just survival, Think before every spoken word, Think before every action, Think about reactions, Think about repercussions, Think of the way ahead, Think for this moment, Think Big... Here's a start,

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Prelude to Think Tank...

It started on 7th November 2008. This feeling of "Let's do something about it" was present even before then. However, everything has a time and there is a great need to do everything on time. Not before, not after, just right on time. When we do something before time, it may sound amateurish, unconvincing and not properly thought of. As against, when we do something after it's time has passed away, it simply loses it's importance. Everything has to be done just right on time.

This is not an easy task. A lot of thought and planning has to go into doing things on time.
A lot of "Think, Commit & Deliver" has to go into meeting deadlines effectively without compromising on the desired end result.

Think, Commit & Deliver.
This concept holds true to every possible situation in every persons life.
Be it a Marketing manager motivating his team or a father discussing with his son his future plan's or be it a housewife deciding what she will make for dinner tonite or a common man thinking what to do about his impending retirement, house rent, increasing inflation, daughter's marriage, younger son's education or that ever increasingly floating interest rate on his home loan.

Think, Commit and deliver simply means that we have to think before everything. Think before every spoken word and every action. Realise the pro's and the con's. Then we commit, if we have thought of the situation then the commitment of a solution to the issue seems relatively easy.
Trust me on this one. Commit only what is possible. It is better to commit less and deliver more than to commit the sky and give huge mountains. Mountains are huge, reaching the top of a mountain transcends into reaching the pinnacles but the mountains will never reach the sky. How about committing some hills and delivering a huge mountain. Sounds better.
Then comes the delivery. This is considered the most difficult task. We have a saying here in India " Bol Bachchan, Baat karna aasan hain, kaam karna mushkil".
Meaning, it's easier to talk and difficult to put it into action. "Easier said than done". We believe that if the thought process is clear, committing is easy and delivery is even easier. Simple.

Here at Think Out of the Box, i am not a copywriter. Infact, i can't even remotely write, I could have just requested my copwriter Chaitanya Joshi that we need to get a blog, get a logo done for the same, have a baseline, write something interesting, somthing with a deep thought behind, this is our showcase and we need to just kill it. Chaitanya, we have to get this done in a quickie because everybody is in a hurry and we have to make an impression here "We just have to kill it"
"Ho jayega Samit, tension mat lena, main hoon naa..."
I am 100% confident that this would be his reply. He would have simply killed it and that too within the given deadline. So, let me introduce you to all the people at Think out of the Box who Think, Commit & Deliver. There were problems, there were issues, there were late-nights, there was immense pressure and there were strict and real steep dealines to be met and these folks just killed it...

Suhail Syed (Managing Partner)
Suhas Parte (Managing Partner)
Samit Samant (That's me there...)
Chaitanya Joshi (Copywriter)
Sahil Agwan (Client Servicing Executive)
Dhananjay Pawar (Senior Visualiser)
Pankaj Pardhi (Senior Visualiser)
Namdev Kamble (Senior Visualiser)
Nitin Kharat (Visualiser)
Sandesh Pawar (3D, AV concept & editing, Stalls & Events co-ordination & execution)
Riyaaz Sayed ( Printing & Merchandising, Finance Manager)
Taufeeq Sayed (Accounts)
Nilesh (Office Assistant)
Amol (Office Assistant)
Kishore (Office boy)

This is the Think Tank Team. People from every faces of life.
At Think Tank we will not start with dealing with "The bigger issues", "The larger concerns", "The let's make a difference phenomena" because everybody else is trying to do it since freedom, back then since 1947. Personally speaking, I think we should try solving small problems first because a large problem is just a number of small problems all clubbed together. We solve the small concerns and the larger issues will get solved automatically. This is just my view point. It may or may not hold true. But what is the harm in trying. What is the harm in thinking. What do you and i have to lose if we simply Think out of the Box.

Warm Regards,


Anonymous said...

It is neva bout thinking in or out of the box. It is always about a thought and a choice. The thought, either be really good or hopelessly bad .Either of the extremes, no grey areas. The choice...the size of our box. We can choose to be narrow or we can choose to broad, it always boils down to an array of questions..."Will it work...will they like it...Will we be able to it..." With each question box keeps getting smaller

I see this blog as that of an ad agency. So maybe each time you guys will think out of the box and hit a bulls eye, the same thought, or its contemporaries will become'in' the box the next time. So its a newer challenge to go out of the box everytime and everyday, but then scaling new heights is what one should aim for

Loved the look and feel...Kudos to Samit and the team...So think out of the box...make the box bigger each and every passing brief

Samit said...

Great Observation and thanks a lot for the comments. The next post "Think out of the Box begins..." coming soon...

Anonymous said...

Interesting strategy... keep it up. Best of luck to entire team...

Samit said...

The Strategy here is to "Just make simple things simpler", because complicated issues are nothing but simple concerns accumulated over a period of time. We start solving simple concerns and sooner or later, the complicated issues shall just vanish into thin air. We are ready to give, are you ready to take...
We are ready to Think, are you open to Think Out of the Box.

Anonymously Annoyed... said...

Henceforth, any anonymous comments will not be entertained. They shall be made to wait at the reception on one foot and given only half a glass of warm water every 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

Most corporate initiatives start with a bang and then after some time loose fizz. I won't comment much now, but i will keep a look out for you guys to loose fizz...
May be you will, maybe you wont. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

nice looking blog, interesting content by an amateur writer.

Megha said...

Team amazingly amazing job done here..Loved the content.. but you should wrap your website quickly now.

Think Out of the Box Communications Pvt. Ltd. said...

Thanks a lot Megha for the appreciation. We are working on the website and soon it shall be up and running...
Till then enjoy "Thinkonisms : April 2011" (this is a new section of Think Tank, which will look at the lighter side of life).


Think Out of the Box Communications Pvt. Ltd. said...

(@Anonymous commentator who talks about bang & fizz), Most initiatives loose fizz because they are not thought over extensively and that is exactly what our point is. Before anything and everything, there is a great need to Think, Commit & Deliver and that is our Box Ideology. The fact that the Think Tank blog is up means that we have thoroughly thought about this initiative, There are 14 followers, 21 comments and that too within just 3 posts in 19 days means that we are committed to it and the fact that you are just trying very hard to be unnecessarily pessimistic means that we are getting close and someone is negatively not happy with what we are delivering. Rather than trying to make everyone happy, we would rather Think more, commit even more and deliver the most. Think again, Think like Think Out of the Box.