There is a need to think... Think right, Think aloud, Think to help, Think about an idea, Think positive, Think to smile, Think to stop a tear, Think to save some money, Think of spending some time with family, Think to right a wrong, Think of singing a song, Think to save a life, Think beyond just survival, Think before every spoken word, Think before every action, Think about reactions, Think about repercussions, Think of the way ahead, Think for this moment, Think Big... Here's a start,

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

To lose...

Just think. Think once for just a second here...
What is the feeling of losing a dear one. This uncomparable feeling cannot be expressed in medical terms. But it's almost equivalent to the sinking feeling we get when we jump of the top of a building. The feeling inside during bungee jumping.
That feeling stops after the jump, but when we lose someone, this feeling stays with us...

10th April 2011
It was the day when we were going to have our first cricket match at Jamboorie maidan in Worli. If coming to office on time was one concern of the management of Think Out of the Box communications then 15 individuals meeting at 7:00 am at Jamboorie maidan on a work-off was like the entire concern box.

Game started at 7:45am with 14 people on board. It was just amazing. Cricket itself is an amazing game. But what amazed me even more was that after working the whole night previously, the boys were in real high spirits. Energy & Enthusiasm was oozing out of the box. Dhananjay, Sandy, Pankaj, Chaitanya and Nitin had worked the whole night for an urgent job. And there they were, all dressed up for cricket at 7:00am at Jamboorie maidan. I reached at 8:00am, late as usual. Sandy was batting, he never batted early up the order. What surprised me even more was that he was badgering the bowling. 2runs, 6, 2runs again, 6,4, out. That's what i saw Sandy doing. As he walked towards the bench, i smiled at him "Kya cheetey, aaj kya khaya subah".
No goodmorning, no bolo sirji, no hukum maalik, no bhook lagi hain, no Sandy's typical hungry smile. He just looked at me, "Mera flowerhorn mar gaya".
I understood, i understood the batting.

Sandy's flowerhorn died on 9th April 2011.
The flowerhorn had left Sandy early.
Sandy left early that day...

The entire Think Out of the Box team deeply mourns the untimely death of Sandy's Flowerhorn.